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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dangerous Tornado Hits My House!

I filmed a tornado in March 13, 1990 in Cordova Ill. I just got home from spring break, put my clothes in the family room and took a quick shower. When I got out of the shower, I noticed it hailing, so I grabbed my video camera and started filming. I only had time to put on my fruit of the loom underwear. I forgot all about that when I started filming. Long story short, the tornado blew away my pants and shirt, and it wasn't until I was out in the road filming that I noticed I only had my white underwear on. There is a preview on my YouTube link.

If you are interested in using my Tornado Footage in your production, I have close to 2 hours of more footage of life and clean up after this tornado hit our house. Please contact me.

Korean War Documentary

I made this Korean War documentary of my dad Gerard Lampo. It was to honor and remember him and also pass along his story. I was inspired by the work of Kenn Burns and Tom Hanks. Dad was with the 1st Cav division of the Army.
During the war, my dad was a photographer in Japan. Here is a photo he took of a boxer.

If you are interested in using this documentary in your TV show, production, or would like to buy a copy of it. Please contact me. You can see 8 0f the 9 parts on YouTube.

The deepest thanks goes out to everyone in our military and my Dad.